Meet our team.

We are normal business people, who help other normal business people achieve awesome things.

Team Member 1
Team Member 1
Jacob Huff

CUO (Chief Up Officer)

    Jacob is the founder and CEO of JakeUp Media. What started as mostly side gigs quickly turned into a full on company. His goal is simple, help customers understand what they are buying and why it's best for them. He is mainly a business development expert who specializes in online marketing, web design and internet technology.

    Jacob currently lives in Kansas City, MO and spends his time watching sports, trading commodities and traveling.

Team Member 3
Team Member 3
Ian Stanford

SEO and Development Genius

Team Member 2
Team Member 2
Hannah McEldowney

Photographer of the Stars

Team Member 2
Team Member 2
Jonathan Horst

Graphic Designer Artsy Guy

Our Workplace.

Every coffee shop in Kansas City or wherever you want to meet up (Especially if it's a place with beer).

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Our Services

Our main service is helping you understand how to thrive in the digital world. Our goal is to help meet business goals, find your style and have fun in the digital world.


Our Work

Not in Kansas City? Don't worry we work with people every where. We have been able to help everyone meet their budget and their goals. If there is one thing we are more proud of then our projects, it's the way we have helped our customers understand themselves and why what we do is so important.

Website for Fresh & Tasty Catering. Great food, great site.
We are big fans of Revocup Coffee and they are big fans of us.
Delta is a Litigation Firm out of Chicago. We help the big boys too.
We manage social media. Do you want 600K likes too?
We get creative with our advetisments.
Need photography done? We got that covered.
Our photographers "rock". (Get it? It's from a rock concert.)
We can do art and logos too.
We help make products look good. Take this skateboard brand for example.

Contact us

We work with anyone, with any budget, anywhere. So please don't hesitate to contact us for a free service recommendation.

JakeUp Media
12730 West 100th Street
Lenexa, KS 66215